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In case it isn’t clear yet, mobile casinos are the regular desktop gaming platforms which are accessible either via the browser or on native apps installed on the devices. So, whether you are waiting in line at Starbucks, sitting in a bus to work or just at lounging at home, you can just login into any of the top mobile casino sites and play your favourite game at the palm of your hands!

One of the finest spas in Europe, the 75,000-sq-ft Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo is famous for its preventative health care and wellness programs.

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The word ruble translates to mean 'to chop' or 'to hack' and can be traced back as early as the 13th century, however, at that time, the ruble was only a measure of weight rather than an actual currency. It wasn't really until 1704 that the ruble came into circulation when Peter the Great changed the old monetary system. It has, of course, changed drastically over the years with the newest ruble introduced in 1998 after the Russian financial crisis.

You may wonder why we haven't provided you with just a list of top online casinos for US players. Sure, that would be easier, but we at LCB try to protect our players as much as we can, and with that in mind we prefer to keep them thoroughly informed about everything that may affect them. Hence, the list is longer and more comprehensive than just offering the best places to play at, informing players of venues worth trying as well as those to beware of.

Average processing time for payments shall be 4 hours, but players can also request priority cash-out during the working hours. Priority withdrawal takes 1 hour to be processed, but cost fixed fee (€2 or €5 depending on cash-out amount). Bank Wire payments will take 1-3 working days.

If you want to play at a Russian ruble online casino but don't use rubles, check to see if they offer games in other currencies. Frequently, an online casino that uses rubles will also offer support for euros, US dollars, or another major currency. If they do not, make sure your country is supported and that you can exchange into rubles to play. The casino's customer support service should assist you with this. Depending on the site, you may be able to use one of the e-wallets to do the exchange.

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If you’re staying at a larger hotel, there’s a good chance that it has a currency exchange desk. The problem: Once you figure in the exchange rate and the fees, it could be as costly as the airport.  As a general rule, avoid exchanging currency at your hotel.

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