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The recall will cover both petrol and diesel vehicles this time. The cars recalled are BMW 1 series, 3 series, Z4 and X1 models manufactured between March 2007 and August 2011.

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If you have received a Safety Recall or Special Service Campaign notice regarding your vehicle or have previously paid for Safety Recall or Special Service Campaign related repairs, you may be eligible for reimbursement. Click the button below to confirm if your vehicle is involved in a Safety Recall or Special Service Campaign and to submit your paperwork for reimbursement consideration.

Of the potentially affected vehicles, just nine were sold, Subaru said. The others were either on dealer lots or in transit.

We maintain the most comprehensive source of recall information for almost all makes and models on US roads and highways. 5000 +

Your 17 character Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is listed on numerous documents, including your vehicle title, registration, finance statement and insurance documents. It also appears on the driver's side of your vehicle, between the windscreen and the dashboard.

A country's consumer protection laws will have specific requirements in regard to product recalls. Such regulations may include how much of the cost the maker will have to bear, situations in which a recall is compulsory (usually because the risk is big enough), or penalties for failure to recall. The firm may also initiate a recall voluntarily, perhaps subject to the same regulations as if the recall were compulsory.

Some owners intentionally punish their dog when it comes. Often this is done when the dog has misbehaved (especially chewed or soiled the house). The owner shouts, "Come here. Bad dog!" When the dog arrives, he is punished. After the dog has been clobbered once or twice for complying, not surprisingly, he will be reluctant to do so again.

Nineteen . states, along with the District of Columbia, allow the recall of state officials, [5] but Davis' recall at the time was only the second in . history. The first governor recall occurred in 1921, when North Dakota 's Lynn J. Frazier was recalled over a dispute about state-owned industries, and was replaced by Ragnvald A. Nestos . [6] The third recall occurred in Wisconsin in 2012.

Nutrisca became aware of the elevated levels of vitamin D after receiving complaints from three pet owners of vitamin D toxicity after consuming the product. An investigation revealed a formulation error led to the elevated vitamin D in the product.

Look on the lower left of your car's windshield for your 17-character Vehicle Identification Number. Your VIN is also located on your car's registration card, and it may be shown on your insurance card.

Description: The recall involves 2018 model year MULE™ PRO DXT, DX and 2019 model year MULE™ PRO FXT, FX, and FXR utility vehicles.


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